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This is the forum of the Moon Howler. Only found on WolfQuest and Impressive World
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Hello to my member, I have announcement to you that soon we gonna have a territory at Wolfquest-Slough Creek. When we meet at wolfquest game multi-player, we will stay to our own territory and defending our territory!
Our Newest Member! : Lovly Bones and Larka1314 Thanks for joining my pack!
Attention! We have one new moderator,redflash

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 Moderator Joining Application

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PostSubject: Moderator Joining Application   Moderator Joining Application I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 15, 2011 7:18 am


We need a few moderator. Join us! Open until June 6.

Do not reply in this topic!

It is just like wolfquest. Read here-http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=48991

It's easy to join:

MoonHowler Forum Moderator Application
First Name:
E-mail Address:

1)What do you like about the MH forums?
2)How often do you currently visit the MH forums?
3)Which forums on howlfullmoon.forumms.net you would like to help moderate and why?
4)As a moderator, what things would you do to help out and improve the forums?
5)Are you willing and able to help patrol MH [i]Howling Area[/i] (ChatBox)?

Please send a PM to the admin or just email at lowell_garth@yahoo.com

Please respond with what you would do in these hypothetical situations:
1) You lock two topics. One user complains to you via PM or e-mail, the other user asks to make a new, similar topic.
2) Another moderator unlocks a topic you believe should stay locked.
3) You see a questionable topic and are unsure whether to lock it or leave it open.
4) You see a post or signature that insults another member.
5) You log in to the forums feeling annoyed/angry at something that recently happened to you, only to find a rude PM sent to you from a forum member.
6) You PM a member in regards to their behavior- their reply is angry and borderline abusive.
7) Two members are arguing in the Off-Topic Topic.
8 ) You notice a chatting with inappropriate behavior.
9) Someone asks a question you don’t know the answer to.
10) Someone is giving false information on the forums about anything.

Moderator Expectations:
•Act as a role model and make positive contributions to the MH Community.
•Positively and accurately represent the MH Team.
•Communicate with administrators, moderators, and other forum members in a professional and helpful manner. Avoid posting anything that may seem negative, demeaning, excluding, or condescending.
•Check the moderated forum(s) once per day to remove inappropriate topics and posts, answer questions, participate in discussions, and add new topics.
•Check other forums at least once per week.
•Check for and report inappropriate behavior in the chat at least once per week.
•Respond to those who go against the Community Guidelines in a positive, constructive, and informative manner.
•Correspond with the administrator about concerns and planned absences.
•Check your e-mail and PM inbox regularly. (The e-mail address you list on this application should be the one you check most regularly and does not have to be the same as the one associated with your MoonHowlerPack account.) Update the administrator on any e-mail address changes.

Moderator Benefits:
•Access to the Moderators-only Forum.
•Ability to move and/or lock topics and posts.
•Optional moderator title in profile (rank and signature).

All of this are belong to the WolfQuest!
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Moderator Joining Application

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